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2012 Duck and Quail Season

2012 Duck and Quail Hunting Season Announced




There will be a restricted duck and quail hunting season in South Australia in 2012.


Minister for Sustainability, Environment and Conservation Paul Caica said data shows there are
sufficient numbers of duck and quail across southern and eastern Australia for limited hunting
seasons to take place this year.


The duck hunting season will run from March 3 to June 24. Hunters are allowed a bag limit of 12
ducks per hunter per day.


The quail hunting season opens in the state’s South East (below the line of latitude 36 degrees south)
on March 3 and closes on July 29. For the rest of South Australia, the season runs from March 31 to
July 29.
The bag limit in all areas is 25 quail per hunter per day.


“Restrictions have been placed on the length of the seasons and the number and species of duck and
quail that hunters can take in recognition that some populations are rebuilding,’’ Mr Caica said.
“The decision to allow a hunting season was made after a consultative process which considered a
range of advice from stakeholders, including the distribution and abundance of waterfowl in various


“In recent years, the State Government has placed a number of stringent conditions on all duck
hunters, including waterfowl identification tests, the compulsory use of non-toxic shot, changes to
firearms legislation and standards for the humane destruction of birds by shooting.”
Hunting will not be allowed in the Bool Lagoon or Bucks Lake game reserves during the 2012 open


Properly managed and regulated game bird hunting is restricted to licensed shooters.

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